Residential Level III Services


Sunlight Behavior Center Inc. offers residential treatment for young adolescent boys that are high risk and have substance abuse problems.   The primary objective of Sunlight Behavior Center Inc. is to provide quality services to consumers with mental illness and substance abuse while promoting a high level of independence.  


Sunlight Behavior Center guides teens through the challenging process of substance abuse recovery, while helping them rediscover what is most important to them.  We combine an intense clinical intervention with individual and group therapy and family development workshops to help teens on their journey of recovery and rediscovery.


SBC has a structured, interdisciplinary program appropriate to the age, behavior, emotional needs, strengths, level of functioning, and interest of individual residents, includes:


  1. Treatment for severe emotional disturbance or mental health and substance use conditions

  2. Individual and group counseling

  3. Family therapy (family therapy is recommended in service plan and/or by the psychologist/therapist as indicated)

  4. Educational and/or vocational programming

  5. Recreational activities

  6. Opportunities to participate in religious observances in a faith of choice

  7. Community cultural enrichment, shopping, volunteer and paid work activities; and

  8. Independent living preparation