Sunlight Behavior Center is committed to helping individuals and families affected by mental illness, and substance abuse, to achieve their full potential, to live, work and grow in their community and have a higher quality of life.


For a community-based social service and behavioral healthcare organization such as ours, the simple statment "we are COA-accredited" tells you a great deal about who we are and what we stand for.


COA accreditaton is both  a significant achievement and a powerful promise.  It means that we have met rigorous, internationally recognized standards of excellence - in the quality of our services, as well as the quality of our management.


Rachell Hodnett

Director/ Co-Owner

Rachell has been the Administrator for Sunlight since its inception.  Rachell has a BS degree in Psychology is a Registrant for Substance Abuse.   Rachell has effectively provided the oversight for Sunlight to be endorsed by Cumberland County Mental Health and Sandhills Center.  Rachell has provided strong leadership skills which allows Sunlight to maintain high adminstrative integrity.  An experienced administrator, she also provides consultation services to assist other providers develop policies and procedures, maintain appropriate documentation for efficiently operating Level III Residential programs and offers consultation to other providers to help achieve endorsement.

Virginia Rahmaan

Co-Owner, Financial Officer


Virginia serves as the Financial Officer at Sunlight Behavior Center Inc. (SBC Inc.).  She has been employed at SBC for thirteen years.  Virginia maintains the financial records for the business, accounts for the daily operations of the facility, and assists with providing the needs of the resident’s.  She helps to ensure that the resident’s quality of life is met socially and educationally.  Virginia demonstrates strength  in accomplishing the betterment of life for each resident served. 



Tonya L. Council-Hankerson

Supervising Qualified Professional, Administrator, BLS Instructor


Tonya serves as the Facility Manager at Sunlight Behavior Center (SBC).  She has been employed at SBC for nine years. She is a Basic Life Support (BLS) instructor for first aid and CPR.  Tonya is the nucleus of the team as she forms the basis for personnel management, human resources and admissions.  Tonya has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from Fayetteville State University.  She devotes time into making sure the resident’s quality of life is met socially and educationally.  Tonya demonstrates sincerity in ensuring the betterment of life for each resident served. ​




Jackie McNeill

Nurse Consultant

Jackie serves as Sunlight’s Resident Qualified Professional.  She is committed to improving the lives of others with positive guidance and advocacy.  She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Columbus State University and a Master’s of Arts in Sociology from Fayetteville State University.  Jackie has over 20 years of experience in working with individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health disabilities and medical needs.  She brings a wealth of experience, compassion and expertise in advocating for and changing the lives of those in need.